Innovative Solutions

Columbia Plastics has an innovative culture that looks at the whole picture of the customer’s product to aid in optimizing the total value stream thus making our customers more profitable. Below is an example of an innovative solution that we developed for a customer. The challenge was to design a hermetically sealed insert-molded 9-pin connector with a custom fit metal RFI shield for a handheld medical device.

Insert Molding
»How We Saved A Client Money
Our team at Columbia Plastics developed a special tool and process to enable insert-molding the 9-pin connector with a custom fit metal RFI shield, creating a hermetic seal, eliminating costly postmolding assemblies, and the risk of water egress. Adding the shield at the molding stage eliminated the need for costly RFI paint application – removing one process and reducing the finished part price.
Camera Housing
»How We Solved A Problem
Another challenge we overcame was the manufacture and assembly of a hermetically sealed housing into which a camera unit is inserted. The part is used for invasive scoping procedures or involved surgical operations. The part was designed for mounting to a fixture using a stainless steel bar installed into the housing, able to support up to 25 lbs. The unit also required installation of tubes for suction and irrigation connected by standard lure lock fittings.We designed, assembled, and glued the part to create a 100% hermetic seal. Each part is rigorously pressure tested prior to final packaging in our ISO Class 7 Clean Room. We re-engineered the stainless steel handle bar into a less expensive glass-filled resin providing the customer with a very cost-effective solution.For more examples of innovative solutions, check out industries served.